By accessing and shopping from our website Whatsupp Life, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

These terms are designed to facilitate seamless shopping and secure transactions for our customers and help us maintain our integrity as a brand. Kindly go through these terms and conditions.

Shopping Terms

By accessing our website and shopping from us, you agree to take full responsibility for any transaction made through your account.

Before finalising your purchase, you need to read through and abide by all the shopping terms concerning shipping charges, return window, warranty coverage, etc.

General Conditions

We reserve the right to deny service to you in case

(a) you breach any of our terms

(b) You are not legally allowed to access a website

(c) you have repeatedly been exploiting our service or products for any unauthorised purpose

You must also understand that we store your personal information, which may be transferred to third-party services for verification purposes. Apart from your credit card information which is 100% encrypted and secure, your other details might be unencrypted and checked when required.

Product & Services

We take full responsibility for the products we list on our websites. If you face any problem with any of our products or the listings, kindly reach out to us.

  • We reserve the right to change or edit our product listings and even discontinue selling products we wish to.
  • We can also change the prices of products if and when needed.
  • Product images are shot under external studio lights; hence, the product’s actual colour might slightly vary.
  • The return, refund and exchange options might vary for each product. Kindly check all the details before proceeding to check out. Rules on return, refunds and exchange remain the same for all and are not subject to change unless decided by us.
  • Products offered on our websites are sold by third-party sellers. We do not guarantee the quality and efficiency of these products. However, we will communicate with the respective sellers and solve all your product-related issues during and post-purchase.

Billing & Purchase

We guarantee to make accurate bills and offer seamless transactions on every purchase. Any mistake on our part will be immediately rectified and compensated when required. 

We reserve the right to put an order on hold or limit quantities if

(a)multiple orders are placed from the same account in a very short period

(b)The order quantities are unbelievably high

(c) The payment transaction fails

In all these cases, we will only approve the order after verifying your purchase and payment.

Third-party Services

We may offer you access to third-party services from our website to complete a certain action. However, we do not take any responsibility for your interaction with the third party.

Whatever business or actions you undertake with them are at your own risk. We neither represent nor control any other business entity but our own.  

Personal Information

We store whatever personal information you submit and might even forward it to analytical and spam detection services to improve our customer’s experience. The management of your personal information is governed by our privacy policy.

You can request us to not hold on to your data which would be accepted apart from the information we are required to keep for security and legal purposes. 

Prohibited Uses of Our Products

Along with the previously discussed rules for our products, you should not use them

for any illegal activity

1. help another person participate in any unlawful activity

2. violate any national, international, federal, state or provincial laws and regulations

3. infringe our intellectual property rights or that of others

4. harm, harass, insult, abuse, insult, harm, defame or discriminate anyone on our website, including other customers

5. spread false or misleading information about our brand

6. upload abusive, discriminatory, or pornographic content

7. collect the personal information of others 


If you breach any of these terms and conditions infringing our company’s reputation, image, business or sales, you will be required to compensate for our losses. We are not responsible for compensating you for any of the losses incurred by you during your interaction with the third-party services on our website.  

Termination of Agreement

These terms and conditions can only be terminated by us if and when we deem necessary. If you do not wish to adhere to these conditions, you may discontinue our services and withdraw your account from our website.

All your liabilities will survive even post the date of termination, even if we introduce a new set of terms and conditions.

Governing Law

These terms and services designed for our company will be enforced on all our customers and governed by the laws of Western Australia.

Updating Our Terms Of Services

We reserve the right to edit, revise, or change our terms of services at any given moment without requiring any prior consent for a third-party service or consumers.

Please come back often to review the changes and updates in our policies, terms and conditions.