Who we are

At Whatsupp Life, we take the world of fitness to a whole new level with premier sportswear, equipment and supplements.


We monitor all comments and collect the user’s public data, IP address and browser user agent string to detect spam.

We might also create an anonymised string (also known as hash) from your email address and hand it over to Gravatar services to check its authenticity and ownership.

You can check Gravatar service’s privacy policy is available here: https://automattic.com/privacy/. Once your profile is verified, your comment will be publicly displayed along with your profile picture. 


Avoid uploading images or any media content with the embedded location data (EXIF GPS). Other visitors might download and extract your location details from these images uploaded on the site. 


When you leave a comment on our website, you can choose to save your public details, including your name and email address, in our site cookies. These cookies will last for a year and save you the effort of entering your personal details every time you leave a comment.

When you visit our website’s login page, we might set temporary cookies to check if your browser is compatible with cookies. These cookies do not retain any personal information and are immediately discarded once your browser is closed.

Once you finally log in, we will set several cookies on your browser to save your public details, such as screen display options and login credentials. The login cookies will last for only 2 days, whereas the screen display cookies will last for a year.

If you select the “Remember Me” option, your login cookies will live up to 2 weeks unless you log out of your account.

If you edit or publish any website content, we will set another cookie to store the post ID of the content you just worked on. This cookie will last only for a day and does not store any personal information.

Embedded content from other websites

Some of our web content might also have embedded content, including images, videos and blogs from other websites. Embedded content works the same as actually visiting those websites.

This means those websites might collect your data, set cookies and track your interaction with their content, especially if you have an account and have logged in on that website.

Who we share your data with

When you request a password reset, we include your IP address along with the reset email.

How long we retain your data

Comments and their metadata are retained forever. This allows us to recognise your future comments and approve them automatically instead of sending them over to the account authentication service.

For the user accounts registered on our sites, we hold onto their personal information from the profile, which can be edited and deleted any time you want (except your username).

All the changes you make will be visible and open to edit by the website administrators. 

What rights you have over your data

Users who have an account on our site can request a file on all the information we hold about you, including your public details. You may also request us to remove any personal data you don’t want us to have. This does not apply to data we need to track for legal, administrative and security purposes. 

Where we send your data

We send your data to Gravatar services to verify your account and prevent spam.